Solar Backpack Component Design Concept


Solar backpack components to environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon design concept into your life, outdoor enthusiasts and frequent traveler essential goods, allowing you to enjoy anytime, anywhere convenient charging. Applicable to a variety of models of mobile phones, MP3, MP4, digital cameras, IPAD, IPOD and other electronic products.

Solar backpack is through the solar panels to absorb solar energy and solar energy into electricity, stored in the built-in battery, according to the different solar backpack map interface, to a variety of mobile phones or electronic products to charge or power, suitable for no electricity in the field Of emergency use.

The solar backpack looks like an ordinary backpack, but the difference is that there is a solar panel in front of it. The solar panels can absorb solar energy and convert solar energy into electricity, while it stores the absorbed charge in a power box. The power box is hidden in the back of the back of the bag, and your phone, MP3, digital camera charger directly connected.


The principle of solar backpack is the energy of solar energy into electricity stored in the solar backpack built-in battery, the need for mobile phones, MP3, digital camera charging, the solar backpack in the battery output power to its charge. Solar backpack is the most important solar panels, the quality of solar panels determine the number of power storage.

Principles of solar panel power generation

The sun is irradiated on the semiconductor p-n junction to form a new hole-electron pair. Under the action of the p-n junction electric field, the holes flow from the n region to the p region. The electrons flow from the p region to the n region, and the current is formed after the circuit is turned on. This is the photoelectric effect of the working principle of solar cells.

Solar power generation There are two ways of solar power generation, one is the light - heat - electricity conversion, the other is the optical - electrical direct conversion.

(1) light - heat - electric conversion method through the use of solar radiation generated by thermal energy, usually by the solar collector will absorb the heat into the refrigerant refrigerant, and then drive the turbine power generation. The previous process is the light-heat conversion process; the latter process is the thermo-electrical conversion process.

(2) optical - electrical direct conversion mode This method is the use of photoelectric effect, the solar radiation can be directly converted into electrical energy, optical - electrical conversion of the basic device is the solar cell. The solar cell is a device that converts solar energy directly into electrical energy due to the photovoltaic effect. It is a semiconductor photodiode. When the sun shines on the photodiode, the photodiode turns the solar energy into electricity. Current.


Designers Luke Mastrangelo has designed a Power Pack power pack that, through its built-in 4000 mAh solar charger, can be used at any time for your mobile phone or tablet, in order to avoid a situation where people are traveling out of electronic equipment, Such as electronic equipment to charge. This backpack directly access the power supply stored in the top of the solar panels, and then connected to any equipment to provide power.


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