Solar LED Garden Light Special Requirements For Design


solar garden lights with sunlight as energy, Solar LED Garden Light as a green new energy "inexhaustible", make full use of solar energy resources, to ease the conventional energy shortage situation has a positive meaning.

Solar garden lights during the day and night use, Solar LED Garden Light without complicated and expensive pipeline laying, can be arbitrarily adjusted lighting layout, safe and energy-saving pollution, no manual operation stable and safe and reliable, saving electricity maintenance.

During the daytime, under the light conditions, Solar LED Garden Light the solar panels inside the solar panels emit solar energy and convert them into electrical energy output, which is stored in the battery via a charge and discharge controller.

Solar garden lights rely mainly on solar panels to generate electricity, through the solar controller to store the power to the battery for use at night, Solar LED Garden Light without manual control, light control + time control, solar panels in good light conditions, photoelectric conversion rate of 16 %, The use of life up to 30 years; solar street light controller with light control + time control, Solar LED Garden Light waterproof, cold integrated design, greatly reducing the failure rate; light source solar garden lights dedicated LED light source, high luminous efficiency, the actual service life of more than 50000 Hour; light body with Q235 high-quality steel welded together, Solar LED Garden Light the appearance of galvanized spray, anti-corrosion disposal, wind than 9.

Garden lights for decorative products. Design style or simple fashion, or classical romance, or luxurious and beautiful, or exquisite elegance. Simple and generous structure. Both to highlight the classical architectural culture characteristics, but also a wide range of fashion show style of the city. Whether it is modern or classical architectural environment have his reason. Classical and not old-fashioned, heavy and not lack of vitality, fashion and not floating, elegant and yet stable atmosphere, highly ornamental and use value.

Garden lighting series Lighting lighting is a garden lighting area, cultural and leisure square, pedestrian street, commercial street, residential area, lane and other places on both sides of the commonly used decoration and lighting source configuration form, is decorative lighting products. Solar LED Garden Light The material of the rod is diverse, the light source is flexible and the structure is varied. It is the perfect crystal of landscaping, lightening and greening.

Garden lights generally lower power, the typical lamp is 6w and 9w, by increasing the current way, you can do 12w power

The use of monocrystalline silicon or polysilicon production of solar modules, brackets, light pole, lamp, special light bulbs, batteries, battery boxes, cage and other components. The lamp shape is colorful, colorful, chic and elegant, solar garden lights can be courtyards, parks, Solar LED Garden Light playground and other picturesque dress. The product can be a continuous electric lighting for every 4-5 days or so, working 8 to 10 hours a day, can also be designed in accordance with the special requirements of users.


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