Our company culture & team spirit
Company Management philosophy:people-oriented, innovation, unity, pragmatic and efficient .
Company Business Philosophy: credibility first, quality first, service.
First training idea:Focus on people, training people.

Loyalty、 Harmony、Learning、Creations、Hard-wroking、 Contributions

Social responsibility of Xiamen(China) Topunive Technology Co., Ltd.

We donated silicon solar lights to Shou Xian, The first vocational high school, on Nov.19, 2011.
We donated solar light to GuLong Village,GuTian town on Dec,2010.
We donated silicon solar lights to Dingxi Villiage, Jimei Dist, Xiamen, China on Jan, 2011.
Solar power to wenchuan donations
Wenchuan earthquake in 2008,Xiamen(China) Topunive Technology Company aid relief troops more than 400 sets of solar portable power supply at the first time, solve the power supply shortage in earthquake, to provide strong support for emergency rescue and disaster relief.

The clerks’ activities

We do not only value R&D, manufacture, sales and management, but also employee’s welfare and healthcare. We offer many opportunities to our employees for learning, taking exercises, travelling and training.

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