Solar LED Garden Light - 2FSG119  -  7W
  • Application:
    Widely used in park, square and residential area etc,
    Solar panel/ light source/ solar pole/ battery/ controller/ footing/ other components if any

    Controller: Dedicated controller, optically control, time control,anti-overdischarge and short-circuit resistance.

    Materials: Aluminum alloy pole powder-coated with electrostatic spray for anti-salted, anti-acid, rust resistant. Solar panels racks made by glass fiber reinforced plastic. Adopt PMMA lampshade material, nanometer anti-glare process.

    Work Time:  Optically controlled automatically open to turn off the lights. Maximum brightness work for four hours, 4 hours after work to half of the brightness before dawn.

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  • Adjustable Inclination Angle                                 Adjustable Azimuth Angle                                           

    Power of the Solar                           27W±15%
    Battery Capability                             14.8V/20.8Ah
    Battery Type                                   Lithium Battery
    Power of the Light                           7W

    Color Temperature                           4000K

    Luminous Flux                                  1300 lm

    Total Height                                    3.1m
    Wind Resistance                               27m/s
    Protection Degree                            IP65
    Last for Rainy/Cloudy Days                 3~5 Days
    Please check with our service team.
    ZL 201530561779.X
    Solar panel power, LED power, color temperature and battery capacity can be adjusted according to customer's requirements.
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