Solar LED Sensor Garden Light 2FSG164  -  2FSG164
  • Application:
    Widely installed in gardens、 squares、resisdential、 communities、urban & rural roads and etc.
    Solar panel/ light source/ solar pole/ battery/ controller/ footing/ other components if any

    * Solar Panel: Monocrystalline Silicon, Lifetime over 15 years.

    * Light Source: LED (Pure color and warm color for option)

    * Controller: Intelligent controller, According to the light condition, adjust the LED brightness 

       automatically and extend the battery life. 

    * Materials: Aluminum body with electrostatic spraying.

    * Working Mode: 3 working mode by physical button.

      1.Sense Mode:  0.2W slight light at ordinary time, when sensor activation full light 10 seconds;

      2.Saving Mode: light off at ordinary time, when sensor activation full light 10 seconds;

      3.Full Light Mode: 0.2W slight light at ordinary time, sensor function close.

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    Solar Panel Power                 5W

    Battery Capacity                    16WH

    Battery Type                         Li-ion Battery

    Mormal LED Power                0.2W 

    Maximum LED Power            3W

    Color Temperature               3000K/5000K

    Working Temperature          -20℃-55

    Sensing times                      >1700(Full Power)

    IP Class                               IP65

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